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Plurk the Vote

Plurk the Vote on the Quicken Loans blogHere’s another site suggested by Charlie Kondek, my favorite graduate of Ferndale High (well, I read the Spinners went there – so if that’s true, they are my favorite Ferndale High grads, with Charlie close behind).

Charlie recommends I (and you) check out Plurk the Vote to get the inside scoop on what folks are REALLY thinking and saying about the candidates.

Here’s some more info from Charlie:

New social networking site Plurk just announced “Plurk the Vote,”
offering new ways for those passionate about the political process to
voice their ideas.

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TypePad turns 5

Typepad turns 5 and that makes us happy at the Quicken Loans blogWe love TypePad at Quicken Loans, which is why we’ve used TypePad as our blogging software since we launched the DIFF blog about two years ago.

For full disclosure, we do use WordPress for other blogs we run or contribute to. But back when we launched the DIFF, we chose TypePad because of it’s ease to use as a fully hosted solution. I’ve been happy with that decision ever since

So, it’s with great happiness and pride that we wish TypePad a very happy 5th birthday, with many more years as a successful and profitable arm of parent company, Six Apart.

We recommend TypePad to any businesses (or people for that matter) that want to start a professional looking blog but don’t want the hassle of a non-hosted solution.

TypePad makes blogging easy. Easy is something we love at the DIFF.

Happy birthday, TypePad!

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