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Quicken Loans launches Real Estate Appraisal Video Series

Some of my friends in word of mouth marketing call this shameless self promotion. I call it self preservation.

Whatever you call it, I’m just letting y’all know that we’ve (we as in Quicken Loans) launched a new video mini-series on YouTube and other video sites about real estate appraisals. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about appraisals and there seems to be confusion out there about real estate appraisals, what they are, when they are needed, who does them, etc.

So…. we created this video series (6 vids total). Here’s the first one:

You can find the other five videos in the series, as well as other videos we’ve done (video reviews among others) at our Quicken Loans YouTube profile. Or, I’ll make it easy for you and add the links here:

Hope you enjoy them! Let me know if you have any ideas for other mortgage or financial videos you’d like to see. We have a camera and we’re itchin’ to do some filmin’!

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