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Quizzle from Quicken Loans welcomes its 100,000th Quizzler

Quizzle from Quicken Loans reaches 100,000 happy clients with free credit reports!

It’s party time!! This morning, our super sweet money & home site Quizzle welcomed it’s 100,000th account. Confetti did not fall from the ceiling, but 100 Grand candy bars were passed around from the head Quizzler himself, Mr. Todd "Hey Bud!" Albery.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Quizzle.com is THE website to manage your money and home, even offering a free credit report and score. No, really…it’s free. No strings attached. We even have a Quizzle blog to keep you on the up and up of fun finance stuff. So if you don’t have a Quizzle account, take a minute to get yourself acquainted with Quizzle now. We’ll wait.

Quizzle is just a baby at 10 months old, but we’ve had some super supporters (like radio finance guru Clark Howard) who’ve truly helped us spread the word.

So, congrats to everyone here at Quicken Loans that has worked or currently works on Quizzle and big THANKS to everyone who lives inside Quizzle (we like to call you Quizzlers). We all work hard to make Quizzle something you’ll love, so be sure to let us know what you think! And tell your friends!

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  1. HUGE milestone. Congratulations!

    Posted by: Dave Rigotti | December 15, 2008
  2. Congrats on the milestone! That’s pretty cool, guys.
    Over here at the Off the Pole blog, we are celebrating our 10th subscriber! I took one bite of a $100,000 candy bar and then stared longingly at the rest as it sat in my trash can.
    P.S. Todd Alberry is the most handsome man I know.

    Posted by: MrSarcastic | December 16, 2008
  3. Today 100,000
    Tomorrow 100,000,000
    They don’t even make candy bars which properly celebrate where this thing is heading.

    Posted by: Mark | December 16, 2008
  4. “P.S. Todd Alberry is the most handsome man I know.”
    Wait, that isn’t what you told me yesterday!

    Posted by: Frank the Tank | December 16, 2008
  5. Is Todd the guy on the left, because he’s VERY handsome.

    Posted by: Stella | December 16, 2008
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