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Rick Astley gets it and gets in on the joke

Rick Astley gets and gets in on the jokeby Mike Dunklee

I’m a big fan of mockery.

And although I tend to mock other people, I reserve a healthy dose of it for myself because:

  1. Plenty of material
  2. I can take it just as well as I can give it out

That being said, perhaps the most prominent punching bag of late among the online community (with all due respect to Chuck Norris) has been Rick Astley, the 80’s crooner of RickRolling fame.

If you have not been RickRoll’d then you probably aren’t reading this right now because you have never been on the Internet nor do you have an email address. Heck, YouTube RickRoll’d everyone on April Fool’s Day, making every video on its home page link to the music video for Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Going to Give You Up”.

(TANGENT: What’s up with the dude leaping to bounce off the fence at the 2:07 mark in the video? Why does he run up the wall and do a flip at 2:45? Why haven’t the Wachowski brothers been sued for stealing all his choreography for the action scenes in the Matrix series?)

Now, Astley could be indignant about all of this. He could think it disrespectful to his talent or his art. He could threaten folks with lawsuits for misappropriation of his work.

Instead, however, he chose to Be the DIFF, took it all in stride, recognized the humor in it all, and decided to play along.

On Thanksgiving Day, Astley popped out of a float for Cartoon Network’s “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” and Rick Rolled the entire viewing audience by performing – ok, lip synching – “Never Going to Give You Up.”

Props to you, Rick Astley, for being big enough to partake in some self-deprecation and mock yourself on such a grand stage for the sake of a good laugh.

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  1. Quite possibly the most well thought out, well written, insightful blog post ever written.
    Back me up, Rigotti.

    Posted by: MrSarcastic | December 3, 2008
  2. Um thanks a lot Dunklee. Now the song is going to be in my head all day.

    Posted by: Jen R | December 4, 2008
  3. Who is this Dunklee guy. I once knew a traitor by this name.

    Posted by: Frank the Tank | December 8, 2008
  4. im mike dunklee’s soon to be sisterin law.lol lov ya mikey rob& sally

    Posted by: sally {neuenfeldt} dunklee | February 7, 2009

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