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More than mortgages: the “other” sites of Quicken Loans Web Marketing

Learn about the other sites of the Quicken Loans marketing team

You know Quicken Loans is an online company. But do you know how much all of us are actually online? We know this makes us a bit nerdy, but it's also what makes us smile. Forgive us?

At a quick glance, our small Web Marketing team runs something like 17 websites to support the Quicken Loans family of companies. Total head count on Web Marketing? About 18 people. You do the math.

With the little time we have left in the day, many of the internet superstars on my team still run their own personal websites, internet businesses and blogs. Sometimes we call them our "side hustles" because we're weird like that.

We all held a meeting last week to talk about our personal sites and ended up offering support, ideas and so much more to each other. Since there are so many personal sites and they're all just so fantastic, I decided the DIFF needs to recognize each of them.

I admire each of these people for making the time – my own site is merely still just a thought in my head. Since I write all day at work, I find it hard to go home and write more. Still, I'm sure with the support of all these great people and our bi-monthly meetings, I'll be plugging my own blog/site soon enough here on the DIFF. Or maybe I'll put it on the Insider. Or maybe Quizzle blog? Too many to choose from…I don't think there will ever be a shortage of my writing for you to find on the internet.

Take the time to check them all out…they're very worth it. I'll also include their respective Twitter accounts if you're only ready for small doses of them. If you really like, subscribe to their feed or leave a comment.

1. THE Mr. Doug Peeples – If you call him Dougie, he'll get mad. But soon enough, you'll be able to find Doug's bits of wisdom on livin' stylish and dating smart at ComplexGentleman.com – when he gets it up and running. You can give him hell for not having it live on Twitter – @DPeeps.

2. Regis Hadiaris – The "Leader of Leaders" he most certainly is. If I had to guess, I would say Regis' blog is probably the first of all of us. He runs the Dot Connector blog. Dot Connector is a blog with one goal: To help you be more successful at work and more productive in life. Twitter: @RegisHadiaris

3. Jen Romanowski – Jen is the only one who comes out and admits her nerdriffic side at DizzyGeek.com. She rambles about fun tech internet-ish things from marketing to online dating. Twitter: @JenWebMkt

4. Courtney Vanecek – Courtney decided to tap into the wealth of internet users by founding FavoriteTravelPhoto.com. Send in your pics to Courtney's site and we'll all be jealous of your travels. Twitter: @CVanecek

5. (Dr.) Chris Kaufman doesn't quite have his PHD, but continually saves us with his mad design skillz everyday. You can find Chris tooting his own horn at ChristopherKaufman.com or if you tweet, you must have a Twitter background from TwitArt.com. Twitter: @Kauf or @TwitArtDotCom

6. Lea Puckett – not only does Lea design beautiful stuff for the web, she uses her god-given hands too! Crazy, right? Lea produces quality canvasses and ships them all over from CanvasCubed.com. Twitter: @CanvasCubed

7. Joe Dakroub – the MOST stylish guy we all know (oooh, Dougie is going to get mad at me for saying that!) is kind enough to grace all of mankind with his informative, simple style tips for men at TheStylistic.com. Twitter: @TheStylistic

8. Cora Bledsoe – surely a stunning bride-to-be, Cora chronicles her wedding planning adventures at 12kWedding.com. But it's certainly not just for brides, so check her out! Twitter: @CoraB or she toots for QL with @FeedbackCentral

9. Matt Cardwell – the director of Web Marketing will also direct you through your diet and fitness struggles on AnswerFitness.com. Posting fitness tips, recipes, nutrition and even product reviews, Matt also answers fitness questions if you send him one. Twitter: @TheFitnessNerd

So check out my friends – they're all super people with an incredible drive to always be improving. I'm so lucky to work with each of them. As for me….? I'm still working on it. For now, you can follow me here or on Twitter – @KLaVaute or @QuickenLoans.

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  1. This is awesome. One day we should get a list of all the websites from all the people in the company. Can you imagine that list?!@

    Posted by: Jen R | February 19, 2009
  2. Love that idea Jen! But why stop at just the company? Why not the entire Quicken Loans universe?!

    Posted by: Ann-Marie | February 19, 2009
  3. I don’t know if it is just me, but Doug’s blog goes to a GoDaddy holding page.

    Posted by: Leftover Change | February 20, 2009
  4. (Sigh) Too bad offthepole.wordpress.com can no longer be a part of this list…
    However, what about LeftOverChange.Blogspot.com?

    Posted by: MrSarcastic | February 20, 2009
  5. Even though Off The Pole is not on the list, almost all of us read it (and love it)! Who runs Left Over Change? Someone on web marketing keeping secrets?

    Posted by: Kel L | February 20, 2009
  6. LeftOver Change is in its infancy. The brainschild of someone on the marketing team. If I gave you 3 guesses, you’d get it. And no, Clay can’t play. He knows the answer.

    Posted by: LeftOver Change | February 20, 2009
  7. I don’t know how much of a secret it is. The profile says he “clings to his guns and is from a small town”. Hmm…Clayton, na. I’m thinking more “plaid shirt” here.

    Posted by: Chris Kaufman | February 20, 2009
  8. Thanks, Kel. And I appreciate everyone’s readership!
    Not sure I’m at liberty to disclose who authors Left Over Change. Perhaps I will let that person reveal themself.

    Posted by: MrSarcastic | February 21, 2009
  9. Yeah, I thought I knew who it was and then I could have sworn the Blogger profile said it was a woman yesterday. And now it says nothing. So I think I know now. Or not. Whatevs. Good stuff though, anonymous-gun-toting-blogger.

    Posted by: Kel L, | February 21, 2009
  10. Hey, so i like plaid shirts…at least they are not flannel plaid shirts. There is always a bright side. :)

    Posted by: Leftover Change | February 21, 2009
  11. You can follow me on Twitter @clayc313, if you dare.

    Posted by: Clayton | February 25, 2009
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  13. yeah i agree with you Kelly LaVaute, that if we start sharing ideas then it gets purified and its very true that by combining 1 and 1 it gives 11 not 2. :D

    Posted by: Home Loans | May 6, 2009
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