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Big Ups to Jay Leno for free Michigan show

Jay Leno get big props for free show for Michigan's unemployedJay Leno is the man. He's funny and a huge star – and evidently he has a huge heart. I saw on Yahoo today that he's planning on doing a free show for Michigan's unemployed. Wow.

That's a very cool and unexpected unemployment benefit. Here's more from Yahoo:

The NBC "Tonight Show" host said on Monday's show the April 7 performance will be for "anybody out of work in Detroit."

People only have to say they're unemployed to get tickets.

Refreshments and parking also will be free when "Jay's Comedy Stimulus Plan" comes to the home of the NBA's Detroit Pistons.

Tickets will be available starting Monday at the Palace box office. Only four tickets will be allowed per person.

Michigan's unemployment rate has been among the highest in the nation. It was at 11.6 percent in January.

This is really cool gesture from Jay Leno. Very cool. Thanks Jay.

Michigan really appreciates you!

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