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GM to end Ken Burns support?

Ken Burns loses GM sponsorshipAs a follow up to why we should all care about GM, I heard some sad news today (that I can't confirm – if anyone knows differently, please let me know).

GM is reportedly ending its 25-year sponsorship of filmmaker Ken Burns. That's a shame, because Ken Burns isn't good. He's great. Incredible. His biographic films are the best I've ever seen.

Some of my favorites are JAZZ, The Civil War, Baseball, and of course, THE WAR.

GM has played such an important role in allowing Ken Burns to share his genuis with the public that it can't be overstated. If they are forced to end support, it is very sad. I hope things turn around quickly and GM can one day again have the resources to support such great causes as Ken Burns.

I'm not sure a lot of people know how generous the Big Three have been in the past and what in impact they've made for decades. I know for sure that they have supported the Detroit Institute of Arts and Michigan Opera Theatre generously, for years.

Again, this is a sad day. Let's hope for better days for GM and the country – soon!

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