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The Web Behavior and Pizza Meeting at Quicken Loans

Web Behavior / Pizza Party Meeting at Quicken LoansEvery Tuesday, people from several teams on the fourth floor
of our building convene for the meeting commonly known as Web Behavior.

The agenda for this meeting changes week to week and can
range from cool stuff on the web to the latest usability test results. Today we
reviewed a visitor’s experience on our site and did some brainstorming around
ways to make it better.

 As an added bonus, we’ve recently started serving pizza at
this meeting. And although attendance was decent before, believe me when I tell
you, it’s increased tenfold.

Web Behavior / Pizza Party Meeting at Quicken Loans
The meeting was so well attended that we had people standing
up lining the perimeter of the room. I don’t know if that helped keep everyone
more alert but we had a lot of great participation. The engineers, the
marketing team, and business analysts all gave their two cents.

It’s nice when a meeting comes together so well and has so many
good actionable takeaways.

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