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God’s Lyric Clothing does religious inspired clothing with style

God's Lyric religious inspired clothingA few weeks back, I was at a very inspiring performance by the very creative young people of the Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit (I'll write more about them later) and ran into Angie Johnson, a former team member here at Quicken Loans.

Angie recently launched her company and clothing line – God's Lyric Clothing – and I'm impressed.

The designs are cool. Very cool. Her husband had a God's Lyric shirt on and it really looked good. I have to admit, I'm probably the last person that will wear religious inpsired clothing, but if I was to wear it, God's Lyric would be the brand.

Rumor had it that Angie got some design help for her logos from none other than our own Chris Kaufman – you might know him better as the guy who designed this blog – and the designs really are cool. Here's a little bit about God's Lyric clothing from their site – http://www.godslyric.com/index.html

God's Lyric shirt with motorcycle"Our mission is to provide "Believers" current, stylish and trendy spiritual apparel.

 In today's society looking fashionable is so prevalent with our teens and young adults.

 We believe that allowing today’s teens and young adults to express their love for God through clothing is a bold way for them to say, I love
 God and I want the world to know!

 Our goal is to help young "Believers" look as trendy as young adults that wear mainstream secular apparel lines, while representing
  the love they have for God.

 We hope you enjoy the exciting designs we have to choose from and we want you to remember that ……YOU are God’s Lyric!” 

I think Angie might be on to something and I wouldn't be surprised if this gets big. Very big. Angie told me she's already done extremely well in the first month of her business. Like I said, I'm not surprised.

After all, check out the dude next to the motorcycle. Tell me he doesn't look cool. You probably wish you could look that cool.

Anyway, religion theme aside, I think the designs are great and this is a great idea. My guess is Angie will do well (and hopefully be able to provide some jobs for this area – we need them desperately).

Congrats Angie. I can't wait to see how big God's Lyric Clothing gets!

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  1. I actually purchased 4 God’s Lyric Tees last week at a home sell! I LOVE the idea and the designs as well. I am excited to see what happens for Mrs. Johnson. I truly do think the tess ROCK!
    Lady D

    Posted by: Lady D | June 3, 2009

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