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Twitter as a customer service tool – yeah it works for us and many others according to USA Today

Quicken Loans Named by USA Today as One of the Top Companies Using Twitter for Customer ServiceQuicken Loans was featured yesterday in an article in USA Today about companies using Twitter as a customer service tool.

While we are VERY happy to be included in a national article about Twitter and although this might be news to some, it's not news to us. We've known for over a year now that Twitter is an AMAZING way to connect to our clients.

We love Twitter.

We've started loans with Twitter. Better yet, we've SAVED loans with Twitter, where something was going badly wrong and we were able to find out about it and correct it before it was too late. This is hard ROI that we can attribute to Twitter. We know it works and, like I said, we love Twitter.

Kellyatquickenloans is our official Twitter leader and she's in there darn near 24/7 – always available to help anyone with a question or perceived problem. Twitter is a very easy way for our clients to reach us and we actually like the fact that it's public. We want to show the world that we are real people who can help people. We don't like hiding behind things. We don't mind being out in the open. We know we can't help everyone, but we sure can try.

So if anyone every has a question for us, about us, or about anything to do with mortgages or personal finance, ask Kelly. She's there to help.

On Twitter.

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