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Home Fur-Ever Rescue saves animals in Metro Detroit – and I love them for that!

Home Fur-Ever saved my dog Girly GirlI wanted to share about a great local and grass roots animal rescue organization in metro Detroit called Home Fur-Ever.

Home Fur-Ever is like the Underground Railroad for dogs and cats. It's an organization of volunteers who house strays and unwanted pets in their homes and friends homes, and of course the homes of any volunteers who can serve as temporary hosts.

When I found my dog Girly Girl (that's her in the pic), she was sitting in the middle of a five lane road in Detroit running up to passing cars and obviously very scared. I have no idea where she came from or how she got there. I stopped and she ran up to me, jumped up, licked my face and jumped in my car. She's been my dog ever since. 

I already had two dogs, so I wasn't sure if I could handle a third and I turned to Home Fur-Ever to help me find an adopting family. Home Fur-Ever gave her shots, listed her on their website and offered to have her take part in local adoption events they hold at pet food stores. In the meantime, I agreed to host her at my house and eventually (after a few days actually) I decided to keep her.

I should mention that Home Fur-Ever even offered to give me food for her, which I declined, but it was a nice offer.

So, like all organizations that survive on donations and grass roots support, please send them a few dollars if you can spare it. They are great group and l love them for helping me with my dog. Girly Girl is part of the famly now, and it makes me happy to know that Home Fur-Ever would have helped find her another home if I couldn't keep her.

They also have a no-kill policy, which I love.

Help them if you can. They are helping the ones who can't help themselves.

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  1. The above information is not all correct. The writer didn’t decide to keep Girlie Girl (not Girly). She was a birthday gift to the writer. Also, please do note that Grover and Aiden were generous enough to welcoem Girlie Girl into the family.

    Posted by: Grover Goto | March 12, 2010
  2. It would be nice if this blog could get a comment from someone other than my dog every once in a while.

    Posted by: Clayton | March 14, 2010
  3. Can another member of your team’s dog comment then?

    Posted by: Chanel | March 18, 2010

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