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Doodling Your Meeting Notes is a Good Thing

Doodling Your Meeting Notes is a Good Thing

A few of us were talking today about doodling during meetings.  Some see this as a time-waisting habit or assume that the doodler is not paying attention to the Very Important Meeting taking place.  However, a 2009 study by Jackie Andrade shows that doodling actually helps keep your brain engaged and doodlers actually retain more information during meetings than non-doodlers.  The study suggests that doodling helped prevent people from daydreaming, which not only distracts the mind from the task at hand, but it also uses and focuses the brains energy on the daydream.  So doodle on, doodlers! There's even a flickr "office meeting doodles" group where you can upload your meeting "notes".

Photo by Flickr user mrmatt

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