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Trying Something New: Improv Comedy

Trying Something New: Improv Comedy

Tonight I shall embark on a new journey in my silly life.  One that hopefully is filled with more laughs than embarrassment.  Tonight is my very first Intro to Improv class at Go Comedy in Ferndale, MI.  I'm really excited to try this out!  I think I'm about 56% funny, so the chances that I will be good at this are slightly in my favor. 

What led me to want to do something as crazyambitious as improv? 

Karaoke has been a passion of mine for many years, and I often find myself acting a fool while on stage.  I've made up my own lyrics to "Turn Me Loose" that referenced something I invented called a "Dude Plane®" and my antics even inspired a portly gentlemen to take his shirt off and pole dance on a support beam during my rendition of "Working for the Weekend".  These are a few of the things that have inspired me to try comedic performing for the first time.  And this post is also making me realize that I may have an unhealthy fascination with the 80s band Loverboy…but I think that's a future DIFF post…

Anyway, YAY to trying new things! And YAY to supporting Michigan businesses!  And DOUBLE YAY to pizza and bacon!  Especially when those two things are together, as they were in my lunch today.  Great things are on the horizon, m'friends.  I'll be sure to keep you posted, even if I fail.  Because I know that no matter how many times I've failed, I'll never fail as much as Michael Jordan did.


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