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Bizdom U Featured in New York Times

In the New York Times article, Fostering Entrepreneurs, and Trying to Revive a City, writer Pamela Ryckman focuses on the startup companies Bizdom U has helped launch and its goal of growing Detroit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Bizdom U operates on the principle that entrepreneurs are born, not made,” writes Ryckman. “Its program leaders do not necessarily believe entrepreneurship can be taught. Instead, an essential part of Bizdom U’s job is to unearth candidates with a distinct combination of vision, ambition, drive and risk tolerance, and then mold them into business owners.”


Founded in 2006, Bizdom U is an intense boot camp for aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to start high-growth businesses in Detroit. It was founded by Dan Gilbert, Detroit native and founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, to help revitalize the Motor City.

Groups of about 15 future business owners convene for four months of hard work at Bizdom U’s facility in Detroit’s cultural district. In exchange for the long hours and nights launching their new business— they receive laptops, BlackBerrys, a $1,500 a month living stipend and hands-on training from Bizdom U’s five dedicated staff members.

Do you have what it takes to launch your own business but don’t have the funds to get it started? Check out Bizdom U and start a new chapter in your career today!

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