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Happy Birthday Ringo!

Ringo StarrEverybody's favorite British drummer, Ringo Starr, is 70 today.

He's still a great performer, by the way. I saw the Ringo All Star Band a few years back and it was a super fun show. Sheila E. was the main drummer for the band that year and despite the fact she is obviously 100x more skilled as a drummer than Ringo, he's still Ringo and that means he's awesome.

I've loved the Beatles my entire life and I really love Ringo's songs. I love his deadpan vocals and I love his drumming style. Nothing fancy. Just that strong back beat that every Beatles song is known for.

Doug Peeples and I just had a violent argument that Tupac was as globally influential as the Beatles. What? Tupac in the same category as the Beatles?

How silly.

Happy birthday Ringo!

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