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UNIQLO Recycles is Good for the World

UNIQLO Recyles and that's cool!UNIQLO, a really cool  (and very affordable) Japanese clothing store that I love shopping at when I've over there, does something to make me like them even more.

They run a program called UNIQLO Recycles. Simply put, you can take your old UNIQLO clothing into any store and they will distribute them to needy people around the world. Very cool.

I probably have 20 UNIQLO t-shirts. The other day Quicken Loans President Jay Farner said to me "Clayton, you have a lot of t-shirts. I've never seen you wear the same one twice." Now you know my secret (though I admit I do wear them all more than once).

Here's one of my least favorites in the pic above, but I still like it (or I wouldn't be wearing it).

UNIQLOhas one U.S. store in New York City (on Broadway in SoHo), so American's can get their UNIQLO on while hanging out in the Big Apple.

Here's more from Japan Today about Uniqlo Recycles:

At the bottom of your drawers or in the back of your closet, you probably have some perfectly good clothes that you haven’t worn for ages. Whether they’ve gone out of style, faded a little or just no longer fit, they’ve been cast aside until the day they end up in the trash or are reincarnated as cleaning rags.

But there’s a more eco-friendly and socially conscious option — for some of those unwanted items, at least. Since March 1, Uniqlo stores throughout the country have been accepting donations of any of their clothing for recycling.

The company first started the program in 2001, and initially only accepted specific items at scheduled times. The operation has since been vastly expanded in the hope of increasing customer participation and giving products a longer life cycle. Officially titled the All-Product Recycling Initiative, it’s more commonly known by the catchier moniker of Uniqlo Recycle.

“We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities in a sustainable manner because we produce more than 500 million [units] per year,” explains Eiko Sherba, from the Corporate Social Responsibility department of Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing.

Cool clothes. Cool program. Cool company.

Me like UNIQLO. I just wish there were more of them in the US.

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