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Garden Fresh Gourmet Donates to ALS Fundraising

Garden Fresh Gourmet Steps Up Big for ALSWe love Garden Fresh Gourmet.

Not only do they make the BEST salsa in the entire free world, they also have a heart of gold.

They donated lots of great stuff to a Quicken Loans fundraiser for ALS research recently and we wanted to publicly thank them.

Several cases of crispy nacho chips, amazingly tangy mango salsa, creamy hommus, and super great spinach dip were donated. They gave the food and we raised lots of money for the ALS Association.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

It was. Garden Fresh Gourment rocks and I hope you eat their salsa ALL the time. Even if they didn't support great causes, they would still be awesome because their salsa is just that good.

It really is. Love it. You will too is you don't already.

Thanks Garden Fresh. You rock.

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