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Foodsurge: Healthy Fast Food, From Detroit with Love!

FoodsurgeThe challenge – come up with a concept that can change the way we eat.

We still live in the same fast-paced society, we still have things to do that prevent us from taking the time to cook like we should, but how can we incentivize the system to bring healthier choices to the fast food space? How can we have REAL food, fast? Not just crappy fast food?

Enter the Beet Squad, one of several teams from accross the country with a dream to and a plan to do just that. The Beet Squad came up with a concept called Foodsurge that uses online crowdsourcing (similar to Groupon) to hook up the people who desire healthy food fast with the producers who desire to bring it to them. Using online connections, would-be eaters vote to signify their willingness to buy, and preparers  prepare the fast, to-go, healthy items, based on a tipping point of minimum votes.

Great idea! But this will take money and support.

Enter Yoxi.tv. Yoxi will give marketing support and money to the winner of the competition.

Right now, Beet Squad/Foodsurge is one of two final contestants. And today is the last day to vote.

Beet Squad is an amazing example of Detroit ingenuity and the pioneering spirit that is infusing the city, especially around the foodie community with cool ideas like urban-garden supplied restaurants and travelling produce vending trucks. Help provide healthy options by helping the Beet Squad and Foodsurge win this thing!

Go here to register with yoxi.tv

And go here to vote for Beet Squad/Foodsurge.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018