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Celebrate National Librarian Day

National Librarian Day

Celebrate National Librarian Day by honoring your favorite librarians!

“Libraries are the mind and soul of their communities, and librarians are the mind and soul of the library.” – American Library Association

April 16th is National Librarian Day, according to Holiday Insights. That means today is your chance to honor and celebrate the librarians who serve your community.

As Thomas Jefferson said, information is the currency of democracy. Librarians provide one of the most valuable services in a free society, protecting free access to information and knowledge, and intelligently using technology to enhance services. As the saying goes, librarians may not know everything, but they know where to find it.

In honor of Librarian Day, here are some facts* about libraries and librarians:
• Including academic, public, government, school and special libraries, the United States has a total of 122, 101 libraries, employing a total of 150,296 librarians.
• According to self reports by public libraries, library visitation has increased over the past ten years. In 2010, there were 5.1 visits per capita.
• In 2010, libraries circulated 2,277,549,000 materials, or 7.7 items per capita.
• In 2010, 34 percent of all circulated materials in public libraries were materials for children.
• The Harris Poll from Harris Interactive for 2008 found that 92 percent of Americans say they view their local library as an important education resource.
• Former First Lady Laura Bush, Beverly Clearly, Lewis Carroll, and Marcel Proust were all librarians at one time in their lives.

*from American Librarian Association Fact Sheet and Wikipedia.

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