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Thanks, Quicken Loans and Fathead!

Boba Fett Fathead and Jude FettMy son, Jude, is the world’s biggest Star Wars fan. Well, wait. That’s a big claim considering some of the Star Wars fans out there. Ok, he’s at least the world’s biggest 5-year-old Star Wars fan. He’s watched the movies countless times, he visits the 501st Legion every year at the Motor City Comic Con (as seen in this post), he watches the cartoons, and my god, he has toys out the wazoo. Last year, I even went so far as to make a stormtrooper costume for Halloween because  in his mind a simple store-bought stormtrooper would NOT do. We spend the drive to and from school discussing why Anakin was overcome by the dark side, why it’s good to be a Jedi, why Boba Fett  (his favorite) was a bounty hunter and how he doesn’t think that Boba was necessarily BAD, per se, but misunderstood. Needless to say, the boy loves Star Wars.

We’ve often discussed redoing his room to reflect his new love of Star Wars, instead of his old favorite Disney’s Cars which is how he has had it since he was a baby. In fact, it was for his 1st birthday my beautiful friend Jen gave him a giant Fathead of Lightning McQueen that ka-chow’s on the wall above his bed.  But now that he’s older, he says he needs something “that is more like me and not so little anymore.” Because Jen works for Fathead and I work for Quicken Loans, I’m totally aware of all the cool stuff Fathead has to offer – including awesome Star Wars Fatheads that I knew would blow his mind.  We spent some time going through all the designs, trying to narrow down the ones he liked best (instead of just ALL OF THEM).  He settled his little heart on Boba Fett (of course) and together we planned how much of his allowance, and recent birthday money, he’d put away until he could get it.

The following day, Jude got a surprise birthday card in the mail from Dan Gilbert and Bill Emerson (Chairman and CEO of Quicken Loans respectively). However, it wasn’t just the card that surprised him, it was the inclusion of a gift – a free Fathead – that really did him in. After I explained that he could get his Boba Fett because “my work gave him a present” he ran around the house hooting and clapping.

 “I love your work and my friend Dan and my friend Bill so much because that is awesome! A PRESENT OF BOBA FETT!” 

It arrived about 4 days later, and I couldn’t get it on the wall fast enough. Jude is so happy to have his ”friend” Boba hang out with him in his room and protect him from any sort of monster or alien creature that might come around in the middle of the night. He is one happy little kid, but that’s nothing compared to how happy I am to work for a company that has given my son such an amazing and thoughtful gift. Not only do they take care of me, but my baby - oops I mean my big, strong 5-year-old – as well. This is a kindness I will never forget, and I know he won’t either. Thank you Dan, Bill and Quicken Loans. (Fathead, too!)

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