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National Dance Like A Chicken Day

As a frequent wedding attender and dance aficionado, I am all about the group dances. They get everyone out on the dance floor, they are typically pretty easy to do, everyone looks equally ridiculous doing them, and they’re just darn good, clean fun.

I say:

“Blare the hokey-pokey!”

“Unleash the Macarena!”

“Where is a fun place to stay? THE YMCA!”

Take a moment today to honor a song that transcends weddings and finds itself suitable for any age, gender or roller-skating rink. Today is National Dance Like A Chicken Day.

Big props to the Lawrence Welk Show (and accordions in general) for the video.

Originally titled “Der Ententanz” (The Duck Dance), the Chicken Dance was created by Swiss accordion player (and well known bad-ass) Werner Thomas of Davos, Switzerland in the 1950’s.

So while you may not own a full size chicken suit (although, I’m sure a disturbing number of people probably do), make sure you do the Chicken Dance today with all the funky chickens across the globe doing likewise.


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  1. Love the chicken dance. We use to go to local hockey games and they would get people to chicken dance for an order of chicken wings. Was the best time of the night watching people make fools of themselves.

    Posted by: Business Money Today | May 17, 2011

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