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Victoria Araj

It’s Best Friends Day!

It’s time to celebrate because it’s Best Friends Day!  What? There’s a day for that?  Yes, there is, and today is the day to pick up the phone, type an email, send a text, or just hang out with your best friends to let them know how much you appreciate them being in your life!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a friend is one attached to another by affection or esteem.  You may find that you have many friends over the course of your life, but only a few will truly have the honor of being your best friend.  It’s not an award given by an academy.  It’s not decided by the number of votes received. It’s an honor that can only be bestowed by you.

St. Thomas Aquinas said, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”  That’s a pretty powerful statement coming from a highly educated individual.  But you don’t have to be a scholar to know that the value of friendship is immeasurable.  Whether you vocalize or sit in silence, your best friend knows what you’re about and loves you in the sunshine of life AND the rain.  And if you’ve had the same best friend for many years, as I have, you’ve probably worn out a few umbrellas together!

Regardless of where life takes you, true friends know neither time nor distance.  Whether your best friend is 1,000 miles a way or just a mile up the road, it’s comforting to know that someone cares far greater than any time or space could diminish. Elisabeth Foley said “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

I hope you take some time today to let your best friend know how special their friendship is to your life, your happiness and in this crazy busy world, your sanity.

I ran across this poem by Helen Steiner Rice.  Enjoy!

A Golden Chain

Friendship is a Golden Chain,

The links are friends so dear,

And like a rare and precious jewel

It’s treasured more each year…

It’s clasped together firmly

With a love that’s deep and true,

And it’s rich with happy memories

and fond recollections, too…

Time can’t destroy its beauty

For, as long as memory lives,

Years can’t erase the pleasure

That the joy of friendship gives…

For friendship is a priceless gift

That can’t be bought or sold,

But to have an understanding friend

Is worth far more than gold…

And the Golden Chain of Friendship

Is a strong and blessed tie

Binding kindred hearts together

As the years go passing by.

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Turn the Flash on, it’s National Photography Month!

May is National Photography Month, and that means taking photos, learning more about photography and maybe even investing in a brand new camera.  Even though May is almost over, the photos don’t have to end.  In fact, you’ll probably take more photos in the next few months of beautiful weather, fun vacations and more.  So bring out your camera and challenge yourself to take photos that reflect your personality or bring out the creativity in you.  Don’t be afraid to try different settings because there’s something to be said about photos that are not perfect.

I personally love photography and am well known around the office and among my friends and family to be official paparazzi whenever something’s going on.  Hey, I figure you never know when the President or the Pope might walk by…so my camera is always with me.

I thought I’d share six of my favorite photographers whom I admire for their style and ability to evoke emotion.  Check out more about each of them below and maybe you’ll be inspired to find the Ansel in you!

Nature and Environment

Human Emotion

Fashion and Society

Do you have any favorite photographers?  What makes their work special to you?

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Wow, What a Ride!

Happy Sally Ride Day!

Today we honor the birth date of Sally Ride, the first American woman to go into space.

Born in Encino, Calif., on May 26, 1951, Ride’s first love was tennis and she pursued a professional tennis career before enrolling at Stanford University to study physics and English.

In 1977, while looking for postdoctoral work in astrophysics, she read about NASA’s search for astronauts and decided to apply. More than 8000 people applied, 35 spots were filled, and Ride was one of six women selected.

After completing extensive training in gravity and weightlessness, water survival, parachute jumping, navigation and more, she was eligible for assignment.

She served as mission specialist aboard STS-7, the second flight of the Space Shuttle “Challenger,” which launched from Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on June 18, 1983 and returned 147 hours later. After becoming the first American woman in space, her next flight was October 5, 1984, on STS 41-G, which launched from KSC and returned 197 hours later.

In January 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger exploded and Ride ended her current mission training to serve as a member of the Presidential Commission to investigate the tragedy.

She then worked at NASA Headquarters focusing on long-term strategic planning for the space program. Ride retired from NASA in 1987, and in 1989, she was named Professor of Physics and Director of the California Space Institute at the University of California.

Ten years later, Ride took space education to a new level.  She joined space.com, a website dedicated to the space industry, and started EarthKAM, an Internet-based project that lets middle school kids take photographs of Earth from space and download them. In 2001, she founded Sally Ride Science, an organization that provides support for youth interested in science, math and technology. She has also written and collaborated on five children’s books.

Ride has been and continues to serve on numerous boards and councils and has received the National Spaceflight Medal twice, the Jefferson Award for Public Service, the Women’s Research and Education Institute’s American Woman Award, and many more. She was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame on June 21, 2003.

To learn more about space and educational opportunities, check out the following websites:

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April is National Poetry Month

The Academy of American Poets launched National Poetry Month in 1996 and is observed every April. Publishers, booksellers, libraries, schools and poets across the country celebrate poetry and its contribution to American culture.  In honor of this literary art, behold, a poem about the mortgage process at Quicken Loans.

Engineered to Amaze

Just saw a commercial about low mortgage rates

And wondered how long the qualification process takes

I picked up the phone and dialed toll free

A Quicken Loans team member happily greeted me

They pulled my credit, but it was no surprise

My hard work indeed made my credit score rise

We talked about the documents needed to refinance

Sending everything electronically made me want to dance!

No trips to a bank that closes at five

I’ve got a busy schedule, don’t they know I’m alive?

Quicken Loans made it easy to share my income and assets

To determine the loan program that fits my life best

When I heard my new payment I was almost in shock

I could hardly wait to secure my rate lock

I hopped online and visited MyQL

Where my personal page held every detail

I signed my documents online with access 24 hours a day

It’s clear this company is always finding a better way!

They reviewed my profile like a smooth ninja fighter

I could not believe these were the skills of a loan underwriter

Communication was key, no stone left unturned

As the process moved forward I was never concerned

Got a question or need information you can use?

Just visit their website and read Mortgage News

Whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance a home

Quicken Loans exceeds expectations, they polish it up like chrome

FHA Loans, VA Loans or conventional,

Making you feel like the king or queen of your castle is intentional

I had no clue when I picked up the phone

I’d actually enjoy getting a home loan

My loan was closed in about 30 days

They’ve been doing this for years, it’s not just a phase

Their great client service is Engineered to Amaze!

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Quicken Loans Helps PostEgram Keep Military Families Connected

In January, 171 men and women of the 1775th Military Police Company joined together with their families for a Departure Ceremony at Ultimate Soccer in Pontiac. PostEgram was proud to be at the event signing up soldiers with PostEgram subscriptions–courtesy of Quicken Loans.

PostEgram will help these soldiers headed overseas feel connected to the people they love at home. We’re able to print their Facebook news and photos into a family magazine and deliver it to them via the US Mail to their new base in Afghanistan, which will have very limited Internet access.

We talked to many soldiers who were excited to be able to get their Facebook in print form, and many more parents and spouses who were delighted the service was free, thanks to Quicken Loans. It’s truly appreciated. Soldiers make so many sacrifices to serve their country—staying connected should not have to be one of them.

Go to www.postegram.com and find out how we KEEP MILITARY FAMILIES CONNECTED.

Watch the video:

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FORTUNE Magazine Names Detroit-Based Quicken Loans in Its ‘Best Companies to Work For’ Ranking for the 8th Year in a Row

Quicken Loans Inc., the nation’s largest online lender and a top-five retail mortgage lender, was named today to FORTUNE Magazine’s annual listing of the “100 Best Companies to Work For,” ranking 29th. The honor marks the eighth straight year the company has been in the top-30 of FORTUNE’s list and is one of only three Michigan companies who made the list.

“2010 was a big year for Quicken Loans – we closed our millionth loan, celebrated our 25th anniversary and achieved record numbers in virtually every category, including closed loan production, revenue and profits,” said Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans. “In all that we accomplished, we continued to be driven by our special culture. It is the core of all that we do, defines who we are as a company and is the largest reason for our continuous success.”

“We are proud to receive this recognition once again from FORTUNE Magazine. Our commitment to providing the most interesting, challenging, exciting, fun and rewarding environment for our nearly 4,000 member brain-force is unwavering,” Gilbert added. “In return, our people bring their ‘A’ game with them to work every day.”

That ‘A’ game was demonstrated in 2010 when Quicken Loans was ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Primary Mortgage Sales” in the United States in a benchmark study of the mortgage industry by J.D. Power and Associates. In the report, the company far exceeded the industry average on many key performance indicators.

“Our passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated team members are the force behind engineering amazing client service, which we are thrilled has become synonymous with the Quicken Loans brand,” said Quicken Loans CEO Bill Emerson.

To compile its list, FORTUNE Magazine partners with the Great Place to Work Institute to develop a comprehensive team member survey. The survey is sent randomly to employees with the results of the survey accounting for two-thirds of the overall company score.

The survey goes deep into team member satisfaction on topics such as compensation, empowerment, and training. The remaining company score is determined through the Great Place to Work Institute’s Culture Audit, a series of questions and surveys on benefits, hiring and recognition.

Quicken Loans moved its headquarters and 1,700 team members to a vibrant state-of-the-art office space in the heart of downtown Detroit in the summer of 2010. The company’s new colorful and collaborative home was designed to inspire creativity and innovation by taking on a distinct “anti-corporate” identity. The company is planning on moving an additional 2,000 of its team members to Detroit in the next year.

The full FORTUNE Magazine listing of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” can be found at http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/bestcompanies.

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