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Quicken Loans IT Team Egg Drop Contest

Quicken Loans team members were given a task. Build a device that could keep an egg whole from a 5-story drop. The video says it all. The surprise winning device? A Dell computer that kept the egg unbroken. Other great gadgets included parachutes, balloons and even a pumpkin.

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Be Crowned The DIFF Captionator

The Quicken Loans DIFF Blog Captionator Contest - September, 2008

To spice things up around the office a bit, we’ve decided to start a photo-caption contest.  The first Friday of every month, check to see what random picture The DIFF paparazzi have posted.  Now, we all know how truly exciting the cubicle environment can be – so give us you best (and most creative) title that "captures" (pun intended) the moment.  The DIFF team will then read all of your entries and vote on which one most tickles our fancy.  We will be judging based on the intensity of the following reactions:

  • What the #@$%!!!
  • Wow.
  • AHHHHHHH!!!  Oh my….

The winner will be announced on the last Friday of the month, and then be crowned the official "DIFF Captionator".  I know – what an honor.  For your prize, unfortunately we won’t be sending you a tacky framed certificate.  Instead, since we’ve got major love for you readers, we’re going to be slaving over your own custom hand-made "DIFF Captionator" crown.  Yes, one you can actually wear in your very own cubicle to make your co-workers jealous. 

Are you ready to knock our socks off?  Good luck!

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