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Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm & Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick disco dance at Quicken Loans press conference!

Ever since Dan showcased the sweet moves of Governor Granholm and Mayor Kilpatrick at the Quicken Loans press conference on Tuesday, we’ve had tons of requests to see them hit the dance floor again. The dance video is now available in its entirety exclusively here on the DIFF. Enjoy!

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We’re moving downtown: Quicken Loans and Detroit 2.0

Quicken Loans is moving to Detroit!

A press conference for Dan Gilbert with Governor Granholm and then Diff-Master Clayton Closson is in the newspaper? Something big is going on at Quicken Loans.

Though it will likely be a few years before we pack up in Livonia and start cruising down Woodward, today was an incredibly exciting day for all of us at Quicken Loans and for the great city of Detroit. It was confirmed that the months of speculation were right – we are headed downtown.

As a young career person, I couldn’t be more excited to think about the opportunities Detroit will bring me and other Quicken Loans team members. As a life-long Michigander, I’m ecstatic that Detroit is on the road to revival.

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