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National Bike To Work Day – Detroit

Detroit Ride Your Bike To Work Day - Ferndale Stop

Happy National Bike Month! Today is National Bike to Work Day and I had the pleasure of taking part in a 9 mile commute to downtown Detroit this morning. The ride was organized by Detroit Synergy, a group committed to generating positive perceptions and opinions about the city of Detroit. I have been wanting to commute on my bike for a while, but had been a little hesitant to ride my bike down Woodward Avenue alone. Continue reading “National Bike To Work Day – Detroit” »

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My Time With the Detroit Rovers Scooter Club

Rovers Scooter Club in Ferndale, MI

During my freshman year of college I decided to use some of my student loan money to buy a vintage Vespa.  I’m pretty sure that’s what the government wanted me to use these funds for.  My friend and I jumped in his pickup truck and headed to Baltimore to pick up the scooters.  It was a great weekend full of adventure and many firsts (first road trip, first time trying sushi and my first Vespa).  The scooter, a 1976 125TS, was in pretty good condition aside from the engine being covered in road grime.  We loaded the bikes into the pickup and headed back to East Lansing, MI.

I wouldn’t see my scooter again for four years.

Continue reading “My Time With the Detroit Rovers Scooter Club” »

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