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Turn the Flash on, it’s National Photography Month!

May is National Photography Month, and that means taking photos, learning more about photography and maybe even investing in a brand new camera.  Even though May is almost over, the photos don’t have to end.  In fact, you’ll probably take more photos in the next few months of beautiful weather, fun vacations and more.  So bring out your camera and challenge yourself to take photos that reflect your personality or bring out the creativity in you.  Don’t be afraid to try different settings because there’s something to be said about photos that are not perfect.

I personally love photography and am well known around the office and among my friends and family to be official paparazzi whenever something’s going on.  Hey, I figure you never know when the President or the Pope might walk by…so my camera is always with me.

I thought I’d share six of my favorite photographers whom I admire for their style and ability to evoke emotion.  Check out more about each of them below and maybe you’ll be inspired to find the Ansel in you!

Nature and Environment

Human Emotion

Fashion and Society

Do you have any favorite photographers?  What makes their work special to you?

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