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Culture still matters

Quicken Loans Guest Blogger Paul Pickett writes about the Detroit Pistons and Michael CurryBy Paul J. Pickett

Joe Dumars, Detroit Pistons Team President, just hired a new coach. Michael Curry. Some basketball pundits say the move was unconventional. He only has one year of coaching experience, they say (last year as an assistant coach with the Pistons). Not just one year of experience coaching professionally, but one year of total coaching experience, at any level.

And I suppose if I stopped here, it would make sense to call this an unconventional hire. But there’s a lot more to Curry than that. For those of you that don’t know much about him, here’s a few bullet points from his resume:

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We agree with Detroit Pistons’ Joe Dumars – Culture Matters

By Paul J. Pickett

I was reminded of why culture matters the other night as I watched a very brief interview with Hall of Fame Detroit Pistons player-turned-President of Basketball Operations, Joe Dumars. He said

“You have to fight complacency anywhere you see it within your organization. You have to fight it anywhere you see it. So everyday I come in here, it’s about maintaining success and keeping your foot on the gas. And….we have to make sure we maintain our culture.”

I really like this quote, but I gotta tell you, being a Pistons fan has been strangely frustrating for the last five years. I say strangely frustrating because despite making it to the NBA’s version of the Final Four for the last five seasons in a row, they’ve only won the NBA championship once, back in 2004. And it’s not just that they only won the championship once, it’s that they were so close to getting back to that point time-and-time again.

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