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Quicken Loans Facebook Fans: Win a Fathead!

fatheadCalling all Facebook fanatics!

In the spirit of the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff run, we will be giving away a FREE LeBron James Fathead (estimated value $99.99) in a random drawing of our Facebook fans today (5/7/2010)!

We’ll notify the winner by a message through Facebook. If you are currently a Quicken Loans Facebook fan, good luck! If you’re not a fan, you have until 5:00pm EST today to become one and get a chance to win!

Please spread the word!

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Quicken Loans DIFF blog wishes Clayton Closson a happy 2 year anniversary!

Clay as a Simpsons characterBy Matt Cardwell

Today marks Clayton Closson’s two year anniversary with Quicken Loans. Before I spend the next 10 lines telling you about all of the great things Clay has done since joining the team in 2006, I thought I’d share a quick story (blogger style, of course) about the first time I met Clayton.

At the time, Clayton was interviewing not for a writers job, but for a position on the search team. While I would love to say it was Clayton’s stellar resume building skills and impeccable experience (including a stint at the City of Detroit, which couldn’t have been easy) that got him the initial interview, it was actually something far more superficial that made us pick up the phone:
His name.

Anyone named “Clayton Closson” had to be an interesting dude. I had never met a “Clayton” before, nor do I think I ever even knew anyone with “Clayton” as a name. So I told our recruiter I had to meet this guy.

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