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We’ve Created an Origami Enthusiast

When Quicken Loans sent out our 2010 holiday message about making an origami crane, we had no idea we’d create an origami enthusiast.

That’s exactly what happened to Quicken Loans client Sylvia. She’s taken to origami and we couldn’t be more proud.

Since doing the crane I’ve done an eight pointed star, a dodecahedron and have just finished a scaled octahedron!  This last was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but was an amazing exercise in discipline, patience, and absolute accuracy (or close to it!).

Here are a few pics, first of the little menagerie, then a couple of the scaled octahedron, of which I’m very proud!

We are very proud also Sylvia. Great job and we’re glad you have a new (and very cool) hobby!

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Origami Crane Instructions – How To Make An Origami Crane

Origami Cranes Made Easy from Your Friends at Quicken Loans

How to Make an Origami Crane the Easy Way

It might look hard, but you can easily make your own beautiful origami crane following the instructions in our easy-to-understand video. If you don’t see the embedded video, you can view the How to Make an Origami Crane Video here.

And, we’ve provided you with an easy-to-print piece of origami paper (with the cool candy cane design of the crane in the video). You’ll just have to cut the top of the paper off to make a perfect square.

These origami crane instructions take you through all the steps, from a square piece of paper to the final finished origami crane. No guessing. Just follow along and you’re good to go. Decorate your house with your origami crane. Or your Christmas Tree. Or anywhere. It’s up to you. They’re cool, fun and now you can have one too!

And the best part? If you make one thousand origami cranes, Japanese tradition tells us that your wishes just might come true! Continue reading “Origami Crane Instructions – How To Make An Origami Crane” »

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