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Goodbye to the DIFF blog. Hello Zing!

Goodbye to the Quicken Loans DIFF blog. Hello Zing!I can’t believe it.

The DIFF blog is ending today. It’s over. Done.  Finished.

That’s right, the DIFF blog is officially retired.  We started the DIFF blog over four years ago as our original foray into blogging here at Quicken Loans. We wanted a blog. And we wanted to try something different. So, as part of a recruiting campaign, we launched the blog and wrote about things we found around the globe that made a difference.

The recruiting campaign ended a few months later, but the blog lived on. We’ve had several dozen writers over the years contribute to the blog. Almost a thousand posts in 4 years.

My favorite?

Just about a month or so after we launched the blog, my wife’s grandfather died. He had such an inspiring story, I wrote about it here. It pretty much cemented me as one of the main contributors to the blog for the next four years.  Check it out: Requiem for a Warrior.

One personal note about the DIFF blog. It was my writing here that eventually led to my current position leading the Quicken Loans Brainstorm team (content team).  It’s funny how things like this happen.  An opportunity opened up that I didn’t plan, and I can thank the DIFF for setting the stage for it.

I’ll miss this blog. I’m the first to admit I haven’t always given the DIFF blog the attention it deserved. Seems like other business priorities often got in the way of spending a lot of time writing here. But I never gave up on it and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working this for the past four and half years. Interestingly enough, I’ve never really considered myself a blogger. Just a writer working at a mortgage company that fell upon a pretty cool assignment.

So there you have it.

The time has come to say goodbye.

Goodbye to the DIFF blog, one of the favorite projects of my professional life..

Welcome, my friends, to Zing!

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“Tweet for ALS” Needs Your Help Now!

9-8-2010 1-28-51 PM

Along with the Walk to Defeat ALS, Quicken Loans is raising money through a project called "Tweet for ALS." No, you don't have to have a Twitter account to take part either! “Tweet for ALS” is a way to use social media to drive awareness and participation to raise money for ALS. (Lou Gehrig ’s Disease) 

With today’s popularity of social networking and with the help of social media users everywhere to spread the word, our goal is to raise $70,000 in 7 days. We’re feeling quite ambitious this year, because we’ve set the goal higher and challenged everyone to join our team in helping us reach it.  

The concept is simple:

1.) 7 days (Sept 20-26)
2.) Goal: $70,000 for research & medical support for ALS
3.) Donate, Tweet, Share
4.) Win cool Prizes
5.) Help change people’s lives

By creating a project on Crowdrise.com, we’ve made it incredibly fast and easy for everyone to get involved.  Anyone can go to “Tweet for ALS” to donate and share with their family and friends right now.

When you make a donation to “Tweet for ALS” this week, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win cool prizes. Some of the giveaways include iPod Nanos, Flip Cams, Detroit Pistons “Honorary Ball Kid” certificate, Detroit Red Wings Chris Drapper signed hockey stick and tickets to the first Cleveland vs. Miami game of the season.

Although the time period to donate and be entered into the drawing ends September 26, "Tweet for ALS" will still accept donations when the "giveaway" week is over. If you want to be a part of using social media for social good, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved!

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