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“Corporate Blog Design: Trends And Examples” features the Quicken Loans and Quizzle blogs

Smashing Magazine names Quicken Loans blog as a good corporate blogVery good post on Smashing Magazine yesterday that I wanted to share here.

Some of the best examples of corporate blog design were featured in the post and guess what – the DIFF blog made the list. So did the Quizzle blog and we couldn't be happier.

It's nice to be recognized for our work here and if you're at all interested in corporate blogging, this is a must read. Some of the top corporate blogs in the world are featured and the post goes pretty in-depth discussing what they like/don't like about each of them. Props to the design genius behind both the DIFF and Quizzle blogs – Chris "Doc" Kaufman.

Check it out. And big-ups-holler-at-you to Smashing Magazine for including us and Quizzle.

We appreciate it.

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